• If the program appears to freeze or displays an error message that you can't clear, press F12 to refresh the screen, or press Ctl/r (hold the Control key down and press r) to restart.
  • If the Ceremony Details, Summary tab erroneously shows Bride or Groom as underage, go to the Birth and ID tab and re-enter the date of birth.
  • To show postcodes on the NOIM, Declaration and the Official Certificate, set the Option in User Options in the Administration menu. If the postodes do not immediately appear, re-select the Location in the address or venue
  • To show the Celerant details in the NOIM, set the option in User Options on the Administration menu.

Latest News
Current Version is 3.2.25

It contains the latest forms and certificates compliant with the Same Sex marriage legislation and a number of bug fixes and enhancements.